Welcome to Epping Football Club for season 2018 !


  • West Epping Redevelopment Update the site is close to completion after a long wait and will be officially opened Saturday 24th March - there will be a community event and we'd like to see our members there- see the latest photos on our web site below - we can't wait to get back there !  

             West Epping photos



  • Player Grading is complete for Junior ages. Team organisation is now being finalised. The club will be in touch soon with details of team allocations.  Click this link, Junior Grading, for information about the Junior player grading process. There may still be limited spots available in some junior ages and adult registration remains open, see below for further info.


  • Online registration for players is still open, but only for some age groups. Click this link, Registration 2018, for full details on how to register and if applicable claim our Active Kids Rebate. Many ages are already full or near capacity so register ASAP in order to secure a place in a team. If you are trying to register in an age group that appears to now be closed, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire if there is any remaining availability.


  • GHFA are organising a series coaching and education sessions as well as other events for Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents. Please visit our Coaches Corner for more information and a full list of the GHFA 2018 program.


  • Active kids rebate for 2018all children enrolled from kindergarten to year 12 will be entitled to a new Active Kids rebate from the NSW government to use as a discount for playing an active sport. This rebate of $100 is great news and can directly be applied to your 2018 Epping Football Club registration and reduce the costs you have to pay to register for soccer with us in 2018. The rebate system does not open until 31/1 but you can still register now using the instructions above and claim your child's rebate after 31st January. You can find more information about the rebate via the links below. Adults and non school children do not qualify for the rebate and will register as per usual and will not be impacted.


  • 2018 pre season and 2018 season start dates - pre season training and practice games will start from March with the season proper commencing Saturday 7th April for minis / mixed / boys and Sunday 8th April for girls.


Please feel free to CONTACT US or email our club president This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about the information above.


Our Club

Epping Football Club is based in Epping, NSW, Australia, formerly known as Epping YMCA FC, the club de-affiliated from the YMCA group in 2015, dropping YMCA from the football club's name.

The club fields men’s & mixed teams in the Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association and fields girl's & women’s teams in the North West Sydney Women’s Football league.

Our Club, founded in 1962, has approximately 1,100+ members, made up of junior and senior players, and many loyal past and retired members who continue to support our family club during the season.

The football club and its members invest both money and time in introducing and teaching juniors the skills to play football and have many teams competing in every age group, both boys and girls. Our men’s teams continue to compete at the highest levels, and our women’s teams are arguably the most successful in the association.

The Epping FC Ladies are a founding member of the North West Sydney Women’s Football Association and have represented the club at the highest level, winning multiple association titles, and regularly contesting the Champions of Champions and State Cup competitions. In recent years, the club has won the prestigious Club Championship, being the best performing club in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. Our teams compete on Sundays with our ages ranging from Under 7 through to All Age.

In season 2016 we also won the GHFA Club Championship for the first time since 1982. As far as we know, no other club has won both the NWSWF and GHFA Club Championships in the same year!

The club can be contacted via the electronic form in the CONTACT US tab.

Contact information for the club's 2018 Committee can be found via this link 2018 Committee.


Ground Status West Epping

Upcoming Events

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Player Grading is complete for Junior ages. Team organisation is now being finalised. The club will be in touch soon with details of team allocations


Grading procedure information

As the new season approaches the club needs to organise its players into teams, which in many cases involves grading. This process sometimes raises questions which we have attempted to answer below.

Why do we grade?
We want to try get players with similar ability playing together. Having players of widely different ability in the same team can lead to frustration for both the higher and lesser skilled players and benefits neither in the long run. We also want our teams playing with like ability teams in the various competitions our teams are entered into. Having lop sided results each week is not good for the players – whether in competitive or uncompetitive formats. Losing heavily each week is soul destroying and can see players abandoning the game. At the same time winning 10 – nil does nothing to build player skills and they actually learn less. Players (and parents) enjoy games far more when players are playing at the right level.

Who do we grade?
We actually rank or grade all teams – this is very “soft” for U6s, U7's and U8s where we organise teams on the friendships and connections people may already have across the age group -  in these ages we just give the team a rough overall rating of A, B or C, just to try and get balance in the games during the season.
From U9's and sometimes U8's, we start grading players individually and placing like ability players in the same team. This is a bit like what happens each new school year – teachers do not keep the classes the same – they mix and match to get the best learning environment.

How do we grade?
Whilst not an exact science we are looking for a few key attributes as well as actual skill on the ball. For example, does the player look up when he receives the ball, does he get into space, does he look for the pass rather than going for a run head down. We also look for ball control / dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, one on one skills, first touch, speed, endurance, team work and strength. We also consider how players work together as a team – especially at the higher divisions where we do need to potentially select the best player in each position.
The actual process we use allows the players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills over a number of different activities, in small, medium and big games. Where possible we try to have graders independent of the players being graded. This is to maintain transparency in the selection process. Our graders are always experienced coaches within the club lead by the coaching director and most often have external coaching qualifications. The grading committee will then draft teams to be finally approved by EFC Committee.

Do we get it right?
Most of the time history says we do.  The most important thing is that we get players enjoying their football. The vast majority of the time we think we achieve the right outcome. This is often confirmed with our conversations with players and parents at games on weekends and from comments on our Facebook page.
What can you do if you think we have it wrong?
You can ask for the Coaching Director and football club committee to review and reconsider the grading result. Often children are more resilient than we give them credit for. Although they may be disappointed at first, often they quickly overcome this and enjoy making new friends. There are many stories of players who didn’t initially make the team they were wanting to get into.  However, they went on to enjoy their season, worked harder and showed resilience. They came back the next year a much better player and were promoted into a higher division team.  The role of parents, managers and coaches is to teach our players resilience, encourage them to work hard and do their best. If this is achieved they will get the most out of this wonderful game.


Each year our association, GHFA, organises courses and events for Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents.


Please click this link for a full list of GHFA organised courses and how to register. Please also contact our Director of Coaching if you are registering for any of the courses below.

These exciting course include the following and many more to help Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents develop their skills

Club Goal Keeper Program - Run by GHFA Spirit Coaches and Players - Goal Keeper Players get free training in these sessions and coaches get inserviced on Coaching Goal Keeper’s. 

Developing Resilient Players and People - "A GHFA Better Sportspeople make Better People" event With Sarah Tillot - All parents, club board members, coaches and managers can attend this crucial topic to our children and players happiness. 

Miniroos Certificate Super Centre - The course all U6 to U8 coaches should attend. It teaches coaches how to create an environment where players can learn the game through enjoyment. It is run by Bruce Hort, Oscar Gonzales and Time Thorne with the support of our GHFA Spirit FC Coaches. 

Skill Training Super Centre - The course all U9 to U12 coaches should attend. It is delivered by the best GHFA and FNSW presenters with the GHFA Spirit coaches in a fun dynamic format.Develops in coaches the ability to coach the four core skills that allow players to love the game.

Game Training Certificate - This is course all U13 to U17 coaches should attend. It develops the coach to deliver game situation sessions.


Also see our Coaches Corner for more valuable recourses, rules and policies.

  • Online registration for players for the 2018 winter season is still open. Please note there are different instructions for Juniors wishing to take advantage for the NSW government Active Kids rebate and those for Adults or Juniors not wishing to claim your $100 rebate with EFC. 
  • Many junior ages are approaching capacity and some are already full so register ASAP in order to secure a place in a team. If you are trying to register in an age group that appears to now be closed, please contact president@eppingfootballclub.com.au to enquire if there is any remaining availability.
  • To register to play with Epping Football Club in 2018 your registration needs to be completed online via the My Football Club web site - see link below - ensure you correctly register for Epping Football Club (for boys mixed Saturday soccer) or Epping Football Club Womens (for all girls Sunday soccer) - note there are a number of other clubs with very similar names in the system. The process is similar to what you would have completed in prior years, however if you get stuck there are step by step instructions via the second and third links below.



    Step by Step instructions for Juniors using Active Kids Rebate instructions on how to register also provides details on how to apply the $100 NSW Government Active Kids Rebate to your childs registration and reduce your registration costs by $100 - all children enrolled at  school between ages 4.5 and 18 potentially qualify for this rebate which can be used across various sports.


    Step by Step instructions for Adults or Juniors NOT using Active Kids Rebate


Please also be aware of our Refund Policy


The NSW Active Kids Rebate is now open.  Go to Service NSW  https://my.service.nsw.gov.au/MyServiceNSW/Register and follow the instructions in the link below to obtain your voucher.
We will provide further information in the coming week as to how you apply the voucher to your football registration.

For more information on the rebate go to http://www.playfootballnsw.com.au/active-kids-rebate/

We have reduced our rego costs for our adults for 2018 and have absorbed increased costs from both the association and FNSW - many other clubs have actually increased their pricing for 2018 so we are pleased to advise Epping Football Club is now one of the best priced clubs for adult football in the local area.


West Epping Oval is nearing completion! 


While there have been lengthy delays to the project, the $10m+  West Epping redevelopment is getting close to completion. 

The official opening is currently set for Saturday 24th March and there will be a community event to mark the opening. We'd like to see our as many of our members there as possible. We'll keep you informed as we get further information. 


For the latest photos of the site please see GROUND INFO


The new state of the art synthetic football pitch will be the leading facility in North West Sydney and the envy of our surrounding football clubs.

We look forward to rewarding our loyal members with access to this new all weather facility.

We will never need to cancel training and there will be no bad bounces.

The playing surface that will be as perfect in August as it is in February - we can't wait !!