NWSF have provided the home training plan below with links to videos if there are players / coaches / parents keen to keep fit.


Please use this link here for the NWSF At Home Training Program - Youth and Premier League Players - for local players to use 

The NWS Spirit FC and Koalas FC NPL teams have been using these training systems.

To support our local players on top of our other initiatives NWS Spirit/Koalas FC wanted to release a version of this program to our local clubs.

While the program is aimed at Division 1 and Premier League male and female players this can be used by any player to develop.

We have made the program to replicate your needs for training so their transition back to training later will be much easier for you. You can tailor it to suit your needs.

This includes sessions for Strength/Mobility, Conditioning, Technical and Tactical development. Not to mention increasing your love of the game. We have also included some mindfulness/resilience work to help support you through this time.

The Strength and Mobility sessions are on the pages included in the document and have links to videos for all activities. Thanks to Brendan Hoyer - NWS Spirit/Koalas FC Head of High Performace - who built these so tailored just for you.

The Technical is thanks to FFA Skills Hub and NWS Spirit/Koalas FC' s Head of Strikers Travis Cooper. For the senior program just click the link and enter HOME PROGRAM and NWSF for the password. Tactical video's to watch and analyse are thanks to Tim Palmer - NWS Spirit/Koalas FC Head of Player Development, just click the links to go to the games to watch. Youth can use this as well if they want.

Ken Greenhead (Goalkeeping TD - NWS Spirit/Koalas FC) has put technical development on his facebook page which we link in the program.

This program starts this Tuesday (wc 14 April) after the Easter break however you can start whenever you want. 

A reminder that if you are sick to rest and not do the technical/core strength/aerobic sessions so as to regain your health.

All these activities are designed for you to be able to do them in your back yard or in your house. Just modify them to suit. Ensure all that you do complies with the Australian Government expectations on keeping yourself healthy and being around others, including social distancing, isolation and not sharing equipment. These expectations will change daily so make sure you keep up to date at all times. The link is https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert Once you finish the 4 weeks you can just then repeat the program from the start of pick and extend parts of what you have done to push yourself.

The final message is to watch football while you are at home. The more you watch the more you will understand the beautiful game.

Stay healthy and keep your love for football.

Yours in football.

Tim Thorne

Head of Football

To Grow the Game - Grassroots to Elite





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