The State government and FNSW have announced that games can resume from July. NWSF games will resume the weekend of 4th/5th July





With the State Government announcing a return to play date of 1st July for all community sport, including adults, NWSF competitions will kick off on the weekend of 4th / 5th July. All competitions will be able to play 14 rounds with Grand Finals on 10th /11th October (subject to field availability). A competition calendar is available on the NWSF Calendar page
It is expected that Return to Play Guidelines will be issued by FNSW in the near future.This will have the season run to the October long weekend. The proposed competition schedule is as follows:-
6 team competitions will play two rounds with a finals round robin over 4 weeks.
8 team competitions will play two rounds with a first past the post Premier. If NWSF can access the fields on the weekend of 10/11 October they will play a 1 v 2 Grand Final, but this will need to be confirmed.
10 team competitions will play one round then split into 2 conferences based on ladder position (1, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 2, 3, 5, 7, 9) and play another 4 matches with first past the post Premiers based on a full season ladder. If another weekend is possible, then a 1 v 2 grand final will be played
Premier League is as per the 10 team competitions, but a 1v2 GF will be played at Christie Park on 10 Oct. 
Super League is as per 8 team competitions with a 1 v 2 GF on 10 Oct 
Note:- Washed out rounds in any competitions will NOT be rescheduled

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