• Registration for Epping Football Club for the 2020 season will open on the 2nd January 2020 - Please return to this website on the 2nd January and follow the instructions in the link below. Download & Save a copy of this Guide and then open it using your PDF reader

           Epping Fooball Club Self Registration Guide of 2020 

  • Registration fees are inclusive of fees to the associations and governing bodies who organise games and a fee to the club for organising equipment, training and club activities - we aim to set fees which fairly spread the costs of running the football club across all ages without any group subsidising another.
  • Players need to be registered online using the Football NSW system - we will provide update registration process and details as soon as they become available.
  • For all minis/junior players, the NSW Government Active Kids Program will again be available and provides a $100 voucher for school children to use for sports like football.
  • Organising players into teams / club grading for ages U9 and older will take place in early February. 
  • As a member of Epping FC the club provides you a playing shirt for the season and players need to purchase their own club socks and shorts (all players must have these) - we will advise details of when purchase of these items is available via our club canteen at West Epping oval.

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