Epping Football Cub was founded in 1962 and began its days in brown shirts, white shorts and yellow socks, before switching to white shirts and blue shorts after a small number of years. The playing kit today remains predominately blue and white, but has included red during the past.

Until 2016 the club operated under the name of Epping YMCA Football Club however changes at YMCA Sydney saw the need to drop the YMCA name and continue from 2016 as Epping Football Club. The club maintains a close community link with the Epping YMCA despite no longer sharing the name and continues to support the Epping YMCA community.

Epping Football Club has enjoyed much success on the field over many years and has the most successful Premier League in the GHFA history (measured by premiership titles) as shown by GHFA records beginning in 1977, winning 6 premierships, and 3 championships between 1977 and 2012. The club also has a strong history of success in both the NSW champion of champions and state cup competitions with numerous titles across a number of ages over a number of years in both mens and womens football.


1967 Presentation Day Under 7 David Hicks

1967 - Under 7

1973 U11s U16s

1973 - Under 11 & Under 16

1978 U16 1

1978 - Under 16

1979 U17 1

1979 - Under 17


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