• The main aim in coaching should be to ensure that all players enjoy the game of soccer, develop skills as individual players and as members of a team, and develop knowledge of the rules of soccer and fair play.
  • Players should be commended if they try hard in both training and during a game. Win, lose or draw players should only be expected to do their best. They should however be encouraged to win.
  • Attendance of parents and supporters is of extreme importance to team morale and satisfaction and should always be welcomed. Supporters should be requested to provide positive encouragement: they must not instruct or criticize.
  • Coaches of Mini Teams should ensure that interchange of players is done on a fair and even basis. Coaches of competitive teams may however:
    • Field the strongest possible team in vital matches (such as against competition leaders, or where points are considered necessary to reach the semi or grand finals). 
    • However, every fit, registered player in a team should be played in every game and the coach should endeavor to ensure all players get at least 50% game time throughout the game. 
    • Coaches should also be conscious to regularly rotate who starts on the bench and avoid the same players starting on the bench each game. 
    • Give the regular goalkeeper an opportunity for field play during a game.
  • Coaches of Senior Teams, 17 and over, have full responsibility for selection and substitution.
  • Coaches may stand down players for part of or all of a whole game for disciplinary reasons, resulting from misbehavior at training or during matches and because of lack of attendance or other behavior, which, in the opinion of the coach discredits the team and or the Club. 
  • Players must be at the field of play half an hour before the match commences, in uniform, ready to warm up.
  • Players must give prior notice if unavailable for training or a game. Otherwise “no games” or “half games” may result. 
  • Coaches will ensure that players are properly attired before taking the field. 



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