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Find upcoming coaching courses, tools, ideas, and drills here for your training sessions, as well as association guides on procedures and conduct.

NWSF UPCOMING COURSES Please also contact our Director of Coaching if you are registering for any of the courses below.

Please click this link for a full list of NWSF organised courses and how to register.

These exciting courses include the following and many more to help Coaches, Managers, Players and parents develop their skills.

Club Goal Keeper Program - Run by GHFA Spirit Coaches and Players - Goal Keeper Players get free training in these sessions and coaches get inserviced on Coaching Goal Keeper’s.

Developing Resilient Players and People - "A Better Sportspeople make Better People" event With Sarah Tillot - All parents, club board members, coaches and managers can attend this crucial topic to our children and players happiness.

Miniroos Certificate Super Centre - The course all U6 to U8 coaches should attend. It teaches coaches how to create an environment where players can learn the game through enjoyment. It is run by Bruce Hort, Oscar Gonzales and Time Thorne with the support of our GHFA Spirit FC Coaches.

Skill Training Super Centre - The course all U9 to U12 coaches should attend. It is delivered by the best GHFA and FNSW presenters with the GHFA Spirit coaches in a fun dynamic format.Develops in coaches the ability to coach the four core skills that allow players to love the game.

Game Training Certificate - This is course all U13 to U17 coaches should attend. It develops the coach to deliver game situation sessions.

Epping Football Club coaching policy 

Miniroos playing rules and format

  • Playing Formats will continue with 4-a-side, 7-a-side and 9-a-side as the standard formats for the U6/7, U8/9 and U10/11 respectively;
  • U12’s will continue as 11-a-side, however FFA supports Member Federations and Local Associations wishing to pilot 9-a-side at U12;
  • U6/7 game duration will increase from 15min to 20min halves; and
  • The size of the penalty area will increase from 5m x 12m to 10m x 20m in the U10’s and 11’s category (Minimum field size is 60m x 40m);
  • Only ONE rule amendment: Attacking team will need to retreat at least 10m from all Goalkeeper restarts.

The National Football curriculum

GHFA technical drills for young players

NWSF Code of Conduct

    NWSF Referee RESPECT Campaign

    Let Kids be Kids - Let Kids be Kids is a national campaign that addresses poor sideline behaviour - largely at junior sport.

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